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Guidelines containing the technical requirements, the definitions of the different accessibility levels and the technical methodologies for the testing of Web site accessibility.
Law 4 of 9/1/2004, Article 11, Paragraph 1, Letters a) and b)

December 2004 (Version 3)

Study by the "Methodology" and "Technical Rules" working groups of the Scientific Secretariat of the Standing Interministerial Committee for the use of ICT by vulnerable or disadvantaged groups.

The translation does not have official status and the document itself is to be considered a draft version.




1 - Introduction

2 - Technical check

2.1 - Requirements to put through technical check

2.2 - Technical check methodology

3 - Subjective check

3.1 - Evaluation criteria

3.2 - Methodology

3.3 - Evaluation process

3.3.1 - Analysis carried out by human factor experts

3.3.2 - Evaluation carried out with users

3.3.3 - Data processing and final report



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